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Return Gift Items Online Meenakari Tray Candle Holder beautifully crafted meenakari candle holder Rs 70 reach us on whatsapp or call us on +919087270009 for best rates for bulk orders results=11
Return Gift Items Online Modern Silver Meenakari Plate beautifully crafted modern meenakari silver plate. 9" x 5" reach us on whatsapp or call us on +919087270009 for best rates for bulk orders Rs 65
Return Gift Items Online Meenakari Steel Tray with peacock design big Made of steel size 1.5"x12" Rs 250
Brass Diyas Online Chennai. Kubera Tortoise Diya Online Chennai. Kubera Deep Chennai. Vastu Kubera Tortoise Lamp is designed on the back of Kurma or Tortoise, Kurma or Tortoise works as a remedial measure for correction of Vastu faults since it has great power to balance the enviromental energy around us as well as removal of negative energy thereby purifying the place where it is kept. Hence, the Lamp has been named as Vastu Deep as it removes the Vastu faults of a place where it is lighted. Vaastu Deepak is designed beautifully in heavy brass with Golden finish, it gives Royal look to the lamp
Narmadeshwara Shiva Lingam Online In Chennai. Pooja Items Online In Chennai. Narmada Shiva Lingam: Narmada Shivling is natural stone from River narmada. This is most sacred and powerful stones. This brings stability and removes all the defects of North east. We can keep in pooja Room or work place for stability growth, prosperity.